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 ps3 or xbox 360

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PostSubject: ps3 or xbox 360   Sat Jun 12, 2010 6:32 pm

hello...i really wanted ur honest on a budget....but confused whether to choose xbox360 or PS3. i really like PS3 because i used past platforms(PS1 n PS2)...but theres no pirate games and i dont know i could afford original games priced rm100 n sumtin...and theres the free PSN network, but is it reliable.can PS3 internet connection use PC broadband connection??

i really wanted to try the online feature. u cant go online for the modded xbox of course but they have the pirate games which is very tempting....but i heard that u must update it once in a while where the new games need update. how much this 'updates' cost?? in ur opinion, which is the best console for a 'budget' consumers??
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death the kid
death the kid

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PostSubject: Re: ps3 or xbox 360   Sun Jun 13, 2010 1:18 pm

hi there sorry late reply..

ok lets you know ps3 games are more then Rm100+ per piece,but do you know that you can get a rent ps3 games or a used 2nd hand games..??yup you can coz it really exits in market now..and for online playing games with other player,is just need to have internet connection can do d...for broadband,is kinda slow coz i use before,recomend streamyx

xbox360 what you have says is much is your budget anyway...

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ps3 or xbox 360
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